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Live streaming enables direct client interaction, strengthens client loyalty and retention. Live creates experiences, inspiration, empathy, interaction and immediacy

89 % of Germans

aged 14 years and above watch livestreams and videos daily.
(Facebook 2021)

73% of B2B

marketing professionals note the positive impact of videos on market investment returns.
(LinkedIn 2021)

62% of European businesses

plan to introduce live broadcasts.
(Hootsuite’s “Social Media Trends” 2019)

+24 times more

livestreams equals 24 times more response than videos.
(LinkedIn 2021)

70% of clients

in Europe choose some kind of live shopping experience.
(Forrester Research 2021)

36% of top fashion

and beauty brands in Germany offer live shopping.
(Arvato 2021)

35% conversion

is the cross-industry amount that live shopping affects the conversion rate.
(LiSA, Arvato 2021)

8 million people

live-streamed the World Record Freefall on YouTube.
(Redbull 2012)

Listen, learn, create 

We create authentic and brand-oriented live communication and support brands in getting to know their audience, making success and impact measurable and thus increasing their sales.

Using the principles of listen, learn, create, we build up and improve live streaming by creating emotional experiences. We enable independent production and confident interaction with the community.

Making live easy

Enablement $


We are the one stop shop for live and video content. From consulting to realization, we offer the complete set up – easy, uncomplicated and convenient.




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Passion for meaningful client solutions and quality. We are an expert team that loves a challenge. Respectful, straightforward and flexible.

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Logo Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband
Logo Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband
Logo Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband
Logo Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband

brands who trust us

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